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Sources of information for Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs and Food Supplements
Manufacturers of greens+, an award-winning, clinically-proven and highly nutritious food supplement. Offers product information and recommendations.
Swiss Herbal Remedies 
The company provides an exclusive line of natural source vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements. Supporters of The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine.
Natural Factors 
A leader in North America's health products industry. The company's goal is to deliver products which unite the wisdom of ancient healing and the science of new clinical research to maximize the health of customers.
Webber Naturals 
Producers of Vitamin E products. The company offers a wide range of tested and effective vitamins, minerals, herbal remedies and other supplements for the entire family. For consumers who want more health care options.
SISU develops and manufactures innovative natural health products, reflecting the latest advances in health and wellness. Their products are recognized worldwide for quality and efficacy.
Trophic Canada 
The company's goal is to provide Canadians with the highest quality supplements at affordable prices. The only Canadian-owned manufacturer with a quality-control analytical laboratory since 1967. Products are exclusively endorsed by the Canadian Chiropractic Association.
The Natural Pharmacist 
A premier provider of up-to-date information on natural medicine. This website was created in 1997 to meet the need for accurate, unbiased information on natural health.
Manufacturers and distributors of quality natural health products since 1916. Flora's website helps consumers achieve better health the natural way, by providing factual information on their extensive line of natural products.
Quest brand products have been available since 1976. Their focus is to provide high-quality products backed by an extensive quality assurance program. The company guarantees "what's on the label is in the bottle".
This company produces a daily supplement of plant nutrients which has been proven to have positive immune-balancing effects. There are currently over 4,000 scientific and medical studies on these plant nutrients.
St. Francis Herb Farm 
Canadian manufacturers of herbal tinctures, salves and oils, located in Combermere, Ontario. The company guarantees that all Western herbs used are wildcrafted or organically grown. Plants are hand-harvested at the proper time to capture their optimal vitality.
Gaia Herbs 
A leading U.S. manufacturer of liquid herbal extracts. Gaia Herbs' analytical laboratory analyzes every batch of product to ensure quality, consistency and activity. A leader in herbal product analysis. Guaranteed quality and certified organic purity since 1987.
Bach Flower Remedies 
The original 'flower remedies', discovered by Dr. Edward Bach. Homepage of the Bach Centre at Mount Vernon, in Oxfordshire, England. This page is updated regularly and provides the basic information necessary to use the remedies.
Tom's of Maine 
Manufacturers of natural care products for more than 30 years. They offer safe, effective products which are free of dyes, sweeteners and preservatives. 10% of the company's profits are donated to charitable organizations.
Abundance Marketing 
The company was started in 1982 as a marketer of quality, uniquely-formulated health care products. They are currently one of the fastest-growing natural health products companies in Canada.
Naka Herbs and Vitamins 
Committed to innovating new products that meet changing health demands and the needs of society. The majority of Naka products are produced in an "easy-to-swallow" capsule or liquid form to provide enhanced absorption. The use of binders and fillers is avoided where possible.
Herb Pharm 
Since 1979, Herb Pharm has been providing high-quality whole herb extracts and herbal health care products. They offer over 240 herbal products, including single liquid extracts, liquid extract compounds, alcohol-free glycerites, oils, salves, tablets and capsules.
ehn's guiding mission is to "help people live healthier, happier lives". The company's Total Quality Obligation ensures that their products excel in 3 main areas: formulation, manufacturing and ingredients.
Green Foods 
Manufacturers of Green Magma, powdered barley grass juice, and other green products. The website provides information on manufacturing procedures, research, resources and products.
PhytoPharmica Natural Medicines 
Based in Green Bay, Wisconsin, PhytoPharmica manufactures more than 200 natural medicines, nutritional supplements, vitamins and herbal extracts. Their product line is distributed exclusively through pharmacies and health care professionals.
Westcoast Naturals 
An all-Canadian company established to provide consumers with the best-quality products at very affordable prices. All products are manufactured at the company's own plant to ensure top standards of quality.
HerbaLab Coral 
HerbaLab markets only a small handful of "dramatically effective solutions to health problems". Their product line includes Coral Calcium, herbal cortisone and other skin care products, as well as Ysnore and headache relief.
Bioforce is Europe's leader in herbal medicine. The company specializes in phytotherapy - the science of using herbs to maintain health and influence illness. They produce a wide range of fresh herb tinctures from organically-grown medicinal plants in Switzerland.
Avalon Natural Products 
Created in 1989 by husband and wife, Mark and Stacey Egide. This company offers quality personal care products for consumers seeking natural, organic and cruelty-free ingredients. A values-led business with a strong focus on social responsibility.
Weleda International 
For over 75 years, Weleda has established the highest standards for gathering, processing and preparing the ingredients used in their products. Weleda's natural personal care products, homeopathics and anthrosophical medicines are known world-wide for their integrity and healthful attributes.
Jamieson Laboratories 
Jamieson products are unique formulations created, compounded and quality assured in the company's own pharmaceutical laboratories. The company currently employs 350 people, of which one in every five is involved in a research, development or quality control process.
Jason Natural Cosmetics 
Since 1959, Jason has strived to produce only pure, carefully-balanced products using the finest food-grade, organic and nutritional ingredients. They continually update their formulas based on the latest discoveries in bio-vegetal technology.
Kalaya Health Products 
The company was founded in 1994 to research and develop processing techniques and products that would expand on ancient traditional remedies derived from pure emu oil. Their original Pure Emu Oil is now joined by a complete line of moisturizing and therapeutic creams that are formulated and produced in Canada
Canadian Health Food Association 
Everything you need to know about the organization, its members, and the latest issues and concerns facing the Canadian Natural Health Foods & Products industry.