Classic Orthomolecular Research TOCO-3-NOL

Classic Orthomolecular Research TOCO-3-NOL
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Model: 50 mg. - 60 Softgels
Manufacturer: AOR
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Tocotrienols are compounds of the Vitamin E family. Studies indicate that they are far more potent than standard alpha Tocopherol in the treatment of high cholesterol, artherosclerosis and tumour prevention.
  • d-Gamma-Tocotrienol: 27.5 mg.
  • d-Delta-Tocotrienol: 6.25 mg.
  • d-Alpha-Tocotrienol: 15 mg.
  • Other Tocotrienols: 0.6 mg.
  • d-Alpha Tocopherol: 15 mg.
  • Squalene: 12.5 mg.
  • Phytosterol Complex: 4.3 mg.
  • Co-Enzyme Q10: 5.37 mg.
  • purity assured by independant laboratory testing
  • 1 capsule daily

Reference: COR 06000

Manufactured by: Classic Orthomolecular Research

Size: 60 softgel capsules

Weight: 44.50 g

Additional Information: DIN 02239370

Made in  Canada
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Classic Orthomolecular Research TOCO-3-NOL
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