Webber Naturals Restore

Webber Naturals Restore
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Model: 30 Capsules
Manufacturer: Webber Naturals
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Restore is designed to replenish probiotic bacteria colonization after a course of antibiotic therapy. Probiotic supplementation can be useful in preventing candida albicans infections and vaginitis associated with the use of antibiotic medications.

While taking antibiotics, take one Restore capsule in the morning and another in the evening. Wait for three hours after the antibiotic medication to avoid killing the new colonizing probiotic bacteria.

Daily use of Sustain, following Restore, may help to prevent or reduce the frequency of chronic infections.
  • AT THE TIME OF MANUFACTURE, EACH CAPSULE CONTAINS 10 billion CFU (Colony Forming Units) of the following bacterial strains:
  • Lactobacillus acidophilus - 50 %
  • Bifidobacterium lactis - 50 %
  • guaranteed minimum of 6 billion active cells per capsule at expiry date
  • bacteria protected against stomach acid
  • While taking antibiotics: 1 capsule daily, three hours after antibiotic intake
  • After taking antibiotics: 1 capsule daily for 2 weeks
  • preferably taken before meals with a glass of water
  • for daily maintenance, use PROacidophilus Sustain

Reference: WN 03204

Manufactured by: WN Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Size: 30 capsules

Weight: 166.00 g

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