Natural Factors Enriching Greens with Phytosomes (Powder)

Natural Factors Enriching Greens with Phytosomes (Powder)
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Model: 300 g.
Manufacturer: Natural Factors
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Enriching Greens is a superior green food, containing more actual greens than any other brand. With added "Phytosome" herbs, this supplement powder offers phytochemical support as well as increased bioavailability.

Taste-enhanced with natural mango and black currant flavours.
  • Alfalfa, Barley and Wheat Grass Juice Powder (certified organic); Pure Soya Lecithin, Carrot Juice Powder (certified organic); Phosphatidyl Choline
  • Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica (organic); Apple Pectin Powder; Phosphatidyl Inositol; CGF Chlorella (Broken Cell Wall)
  • Non-dairy probiotic culture: rhamnosus, acidophilus in a base of FOS
  • Peace River Bee Pollen; Stevia; Freeze-dried Mango; Black Currant
  • Dandelion Root Extract 4:1; Beetroot Extract (3% Betanin); Siberian Ginseng Extract 0.4%; Pacific Kelp Extract 4:1 (certified purity)
  • Artichoke Extract 4:1; Soya Extract (25% saponins, 10% isoflavone glycosides); Bilberry Extract 5:1; Pineappple Extract (Bromelain 1000 GDU)
  • Cranberry Juice Extract 18:1; Rosehip Extract 4:1; Lycopene
  • Milk Thistle Phytosome; Ginkgo Biloba Phytosome; Grape Seed Phytosome


  • Shake or stir 3 teaspoons of powder in one cup of juice or water.
  • For a meal in a glass, blend with one cup of apple juice, 1/2 banana, and ice to cool.
  • Keep away from heat to ensure optimum freshness.
  • CAUTION: Do not use if allergic to pollen.

Reference: NF 02901

Manufactured by: Natural Factors

Size: 300 gm bottle

Weight: 346.10 g

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